Emma Sarro

Phone: (845) 848-6011
Email: emma.sarro@dc.edu
Office: Prusmack Center 308

B.S. – Neuroscience and Human Biology – Brown University
Ph.D – Neuroscience – New York University

Dr. Emma Sarro is a Neuroscientist who joined the faculty of Dominican College in Fall of 2014 after teaching as an adjunct in the Biology department for year prior.  Her research, based largely at the Nathan Kline Institute nearby Dominican’s campus, focuses on the development of the brain and behavior, specifically after modifications in early life experience, such as early maternal care.  Using the rat model, she examines how neurons in the infant brain respond during interactions with the maternal caregiver, such as grooming and nursing.  Altering the quality of maternal care (good vs. poor care) allows her to understand how this kind of early experience can shape the way that the nervous system develops.  She also examines the long term effects of altered maternal care on brain activity and the behavior of animals using a multitude of different behavioral paradigms.

Prior to starting at Dominican College, Dr. Sarro worked for several years as a research scientist at the Nathan Kline Institute and before that received her PhD and taught neuroscience at the Center for Neural Science at New York University, studying the development of auditory perception.

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