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  • Looks like someone was very excited about Friday the 13th. Great job to whoever wrote this on our computer lab whiteboard!! #dcsullivanlibrary  #whiteboardartwork
  • It's another #festivefriday in the Sullivan Library. Is there a subject you want to look up? Well there's a good chance you can find it in our reference section (seriously we have an ENCYCLOPEDIA ON VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES!) Looks like Dracula and the Wolfman found it already.
#dcsullivanlibrary #library #halloween #spooky
  • This month's library spotlight: Gina Shelton.
Who is she: the Head Librarian
Where is she: in her office, Office of the Director
What does she help with: Refworks, finding information for projects, and helping with copyright questions
Favorite author: David Sedaris
Favorite part of the library: the students. It's the highlight of her day when she gets to work with students. ❤
Thanks, Gina, for all you do for our wonderful library and the students and faculty who come here! We love you!
#dcsullivanlibrary #library #spotlight
  • It's Wi-Fi Wednesday here! Our new and improved Wi-Fi network means you only have to log in once and that's it. No more logging in every time you come to study. Yay Wi-Fi!
#dcsullivanlibrary #library
  • #tiptuesday not only can you rent books at the library, but when you're using our learning commons rooms, we also have laptops with SMARTboard software already installed and we have Mac adapters for when you want to practice a presentation off your personal laptop.
#dcsullivanlibrary #library
  • So proud of you, Christine! Keep up the hard work!

#Repost @snowflakie06 (@get_repost)
A small inside look at how I've been researching my Honors Project over the past week. Many more trips to libraries and archives to come over the next few weeks.

HUGE thanks to my family and mentors and the seven libraries and one museum that have helped me thus far (especially @dcsullivanlibrary)!
  • #mondaymotivation studies show that students who go to the library often have higher GPA's than those who don't. With a high GPA, your future job search may go easier. And with that future job, you can adopt and care for dogs. Therefore, if you go to the library, you'll get a dog.
#dcsullivanlibrary #dogs
  • When your pile of witch books towers over your witch hat 👌 we're ready to get spooky here at the Sullivan Library with #festivefriday. How are you celebrating your first weekend in October? 🎃
 #bookstagram #books #library #witches #dcsullivanlibrary #halloween
  • Sound the alarms!🚨🚨🚨 we have more new books! And for those of you who want to read some John Green, we just got a few of his books. Come check out our new additions, you never know what you may find.
  • It's so cool when our librarians teach classes! Here's Ellie helping Dr. Radford's EN472 course! I bet she's going to show them how to find materials on the library website.
  • The reference section, or as I like to call it the "Wikipedia's mortal enemy," is the best place to go when searching for information. Why do I refer to it as "Wikipedia's worst nightmare?" Because the information is accurate! Seriously, you can go on Wikipedia and change the page information. But that can't happen in reference books! And reference books can be used as scholarly sources, unlike Wikipedia which sometimes feeds you lies (shame on you Wikipedia). In conclusion, go to the Houston room and use a reference book, not Wikipedia.
#dcsullivanlibrary #tiptuesday #wikipediadrools #referencebooksrule
  • We love it when students use the whiteboards in the learning commons! Here's this week's #whiteboardartwork #dcsullivanlibrary