Student Selected to Participate in NCAA Leadership Forum and Conference at Harvard and MIT

Junior soccer player Bruno Garcia was chosen to participate in the NCAA National Leadership Forum and the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT.

Soccer player Bruno Garcia was chosen to represent the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC), which includes 14 colleges, at the NCAA National Leadership Forum in Los Angeles, CA.  The forum gathers student-athletes, administrators, and coaches from around the country to enhance their leadership capabilities and to help them grow personally and professionally.   Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the event was scheduled to take place from April 16–19.

“I am extremely proud to be the first Dominican College student-athlete to be chosen to represent the CACC at the national level,” said Garcia. “The postponement of the event will make me work even harder in order to be trusted once again to best represent the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference in the NCAA.  This experience will expand my conception of leadership and provide me the essential skills to enrich the Dominican College community and its athletic conference.”

Garcia is a junior business major from Brazil.  He was also selected to participate in the annual Brazil Conference at Harvard and MIT.  Unfortunately, that conference, which was to take place on April 3-4, was canceled because of coronavirus as well.  Although he is disappointed, Garcia said he was grateful to be chosen and looks forward to attending next year, “This experience will allow me to learn from the most successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and economists in the world, as well as expand my network among influential professionals.” Topics related to politics, economy, culture, and society are all discussed during the Brazil Conference.