Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the official representation of the student body.

SGA consists of the Executive Branch: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary and the Representatives Branch: 4 Class Presidents and 4 Class Vice Presidents (one of each for each class). Freshman Elections are held in the Fall and upperclassmen Elections are held in the Spring. All students who run for office must maintain an index of 2.5 (2.2 for freshmen) and be full-time students maintaining normal academic progress towards a degree.

Student Government

1. Acts as the official representative of Dominican College students in all matters that relate to them;

2. Strives for mutual cooperation and understanding among students, faculty and administrators;

3. Approves charters and budgets submitted by clubs and organizations, provided these charters comply with the guidelines as stated in the Student Government Constitution;

4. Helps plan a cultural and social calendar that will meet the varied needs and desires of the College community, and

5. Aids in directing and coordinating student activities.

The Student Government Office is located in the Student Center across from the Computer Lab in Casey Hall. SGA meetings are held regularly. Throughout the year, SGA holds several meetings open to all students. Once a month, SGA holds a Clubs’ Presidents Meeting where all club officers must attend to update SGA about upcoming events and to bring up any questions and or concerns.

Each year the Student Government Association, in conjunction with the Office of Student Development, recognizes outstanding and significant student contributions to student life and to the College at the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony in the Spring Semester.  Opportunities for student leadership training and development are also made available at various points throughout the academic year