Start a New Club

Any group of students interested in forming a new club or organization on campus should first check here to see if a similar organization exists. If not, then the group must complete the necessary paperwork and present their club to the Student Government Association and Director of Student Activities. The group must complete and submit the following documents:

  • Club Charter Application, including club officer and advisor contact information, roster of prospective membership and mission statement (see below for guidance on creating a mission statement)
  • Advisor Agreement (to be submitted by advisor only)

The application will be reviewed by the Director of Student Activities and the SGA to determine that:

  • There is the designated minimum number of members, all of whom must be Dominican College students in good standing and not on academic or disciplinary probation.
  • The student organization has clearly stated its name, all affiliations (local, state and national) and the purpose for which it is being formed.
  • The student organization does not duplicate the purpose of an established Dominican College registered student organization.
  • The mission of the student organization is consistent with the purpose, regulations and policies of Dominican College.
  • The student organization does not engage in discriminatory membership.
  • The student organization will have a faculty or professional staff advisor who is a member of the full-time faculty or staff of Dominican College.
  • The student organization will keep on file with the DC Student Government and Office of Student Activities a current roster of members and officers.

In addition to pursuing its goals and fulfilling the needs of its membership, every organization shares the following responsibilities:

  1. Respect the rights and traditions of other clubs and organizations.
  2. Aim to improve the student life at Dominican College.
  3. To abide by the rules set forth by the Office of Student Activities, the Student Government Association and Dominican College.
  4. To maintain a membership of at least 5 full-time registered students.
  5. One executive board member of each club is expected to attend the monthly Club Council Meeting. These meetings usually take place on the first Tuesday or Thursday of every month at 2:15 p.m. during the Common Hour.
  6. All clubs are also expected to participate in at least 2 club fairs per year, one each semester for the entire College community.
  7. Participate in all club/organization retreats planned by the Office of Student Activities.
  8.  Each club is obligated to host at least one collaborative event with another club each semester. These community events should reflect the mission of each individual club and should be open to the entire campus. Club budgets will be distributed twice a year upon completion of this requirement. Note: All club events just reflect the mission of the organization as well as be open to all students.

Eligibility Requirements of Members and Advisor

  • Club members must be registered Dominican College students.
  • Club Officers must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point average at Dominican College. Additional information on club officer responsibilities can be found here.
  • Advisors must be full-time Dominican College faculty or staff members.

Benefits for Official Clubs
Officially recognized clubs are able to:

  • Use the Dominican College name and claim affiliation with Dominican College
  • Participate in the Club Fair each semester to advertise programs and solicit membership
  • Participate in leadership development opportunities, including Fall Leadership Retreats, Winter Leadership Summit and Club Council Meetings
  • Reserve College facilities, vehicles, and audio-visual equipment
  • Organize events, activities, fundraisers, meetings, and programs

Mission Statement – A Guide To Writing Yours

A mission statement is a declaration of organizational purpose. They should be inspiring. Here are some guidelines to help you develop your mission statements:

  • The best mission statements are three to four sentences long. If it is too short the mission statement will not include everything it needs to and if it is too long it will lose focus.
  • An effective mission statement will be developed with input from all members of an organization. Participation from different parts of an organization will strengthen the validity of the mission statement.
  • The mission statements should identify who the group is, what its function is and the group’s core values, culture and philosophy. It should outline what the group’s function is and what benefit it provides to the college community.
  • Make sure the mission statement is unique. It is a good idea to examine other mission statements when in the process of writing, but make sure the organization’s mission statement does not copy another.
  • Avoid self-glorification. The organization’s mission statement is not the place to boast about achievements.
  • Make sure the mission statement is something that you actually believe in. If the mission statement is a lie, others will soon realize it

If you have any additional questions about the chartering of a new club or organization, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Activities.