Club Manual & Responsibilities

Club Manual - COVID-19 Addendum

    1. The operations of Dominican College’s student clubs will occur remotely during the 2020-21 academic year. 
    2. Clubs should still continue to follow the processes as stated in the Club Manual. Any all changes for the academic year are listed below:
    3. Events: All club events are required to be held virtually.
      • The current club confirmation form has been changed to reflect online events. The form will include all necessary details for the successful execution of the remote event.
        • As always, all clubs should consult with the Director of Student Activities for the date & time.
      • Student Activities will continue to post event details on the portal calendar, and Charged Up!.
      • In-person events will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Student Activities
      • Tabling inside Casey Hall or Granito Center lobby will not be allowed.
    4. Meetings: All club meetings are required to be held virtually.
      • Clubs should continue to consult with the Office of Student Activities for their meeting dates, as well as email Charged Up to advertise.
    5. Club advisors should assist clubs with setting up meetings & events though a virtual platform. The Director of Student of Activities can assist upon request, if needed
      • Virtual platform types are up to the discretion of the club. Examples of Virtual platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, & more. Find what works best for your club and feel free to change it up as needed for your events/meetings.
    6. There will be no college-related travel or off-campus trips during this academic year for any student club. 
    7. Club Council meetings will be held virtually.
    8. Meetings with Director of Student Activities should be held virtually
      • The Student Engagement Lounge has a capacity of 8, so please keep “Drop-ins” to a minimum and schedule visits in advance, if possible.
      • Director of Student Activities will have open virtual office hours (details TBD)

    Roles of Club Officers

    President Responsibilities

    • Attend all meetings & events
    • Serve as the appointed person to submit Setup Requests for events, when needed
    • Provide leadership to the student club
    • Prepare an agenda for each meeting
    • Facilitate all meetings and serve as official representative
    • Be available to answer questions and offer guidance to your members
    • Delegate responsibilities to members
    • Communicate ideas and information openly and consistently
    • Regularly communicate with Advisor to keep them updated
    • Recognize achievements of officers and members
    • Ensure that organization adheres to campus and organizational regulations and educate members on these regulations
    • Mediate conflict within organization
    • Provide a smooth transition to incoming club officers at the end of each academic year

     Vice President Responsibilities

    • Attend all meetings & events
    • Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence
    • Serve in partnership with the President, as a leadership team
    • Manage all advertising and publicity for the organization (unless a separate position is designated to oversee promotion)

    Treasurer Responsibilities

    • Attend all meetings & events
    • Prepare and adhere to an approved budget
    • Ensure club follows Steps for Requesting, Accessing & Utilizing Funds (listed above)
    • Maintain accurate records
    • Reconcile the budget at the end of each semester & submit to secretary to include in Reports
    • Coordinate fundraising activities

    Secretary Responsibilities

    • Attend all meetings & events
    • Record accurate minutes of all meetings
    • Maintain club records
    • Update all roster information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, etc.)
    • Ensure Student Activities Office has up-to-date contact information for all officers
    • Submit required semester reports, with assistance of other officers, by designated deadlines