Club Manual & Responsibilities

Student Club and Organization Manual 18-19 FINAL

Role of Club Officers

Duties of an Organization President

  • Provide leadership to the student organization.
  • Prepare an agenda for each meeting
  • Facilitate all meetings of the organization and serve as official representative
  • Be available to answer questions and offer guidance to your members
  • Delegate responsibilities to organization members
  • Ensure that responsibilities are followed through by designating deadlines and following up with members
  • Attend your events
  • Lead the student organization in establishing goals.
  • Try to ensure that student organization members enjoy their experiences.
  • Establish personal goals to improve individual leadership and team-building skills while building a stronger foundation for the organization
  • Communicate ideas and information and appoint committees and task forces as needed
  • Meet regularly with Advisor and keep him/her appraised of activities of organization
  • Motivate and recognize the achievement of officers and members
  • Understand, educate membership and ensure that organization adheres to campus and organizational regulations
  • Mediate conflict within organization
  • Provide a smooth transition to incoming club officers at the end of each academic year

HINT: Draw up an agenda for each meeting, inform the members prior to the meeting, and follow the written agenda. Meet with the executive board and advisor regularly to keep everyone appraised of organization business

Duties of an Organization Vice President

  • Manage and serve on all subcommittees
  • Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence
  • Oversee committee chairpersons
  • Serve in partnership with the President, as a leadership team
  • Manage all advertising and publicity for the organization, unless a separate position is designated to oversee this.
  • Facilitate annual goals for the organization
  • Pick up and sort mail in club mailbox in the Student Activities Lounge in Casey Hall

HINT: To create a functional leadership team, open and frequent communication with the president is necessary.

Duties of an Organization Treasurer

  • Prepare and adhere to an approved budget
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Create all vouchers for needed services, products, etc. and submit to the Director of Student Activities
  • Reconcile the budget at the end of the academic year
  • Prepare accounting portion of the club’s annual report and submit to the club’s secretary
  • Coordinate fundraising activities

HINT: Keep budget information current and receipts available to members upon request. Your duties include assisting organization officers in their activities on a sound business basis and ensuring the consistent accounting of records.

Duties of an Organization Secretary

  • Record accurate minutes of all meetings
  • Keep the organization’s permanent records/archives
  • Update all roster information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, etc.)
  • Order organization supplies
  • Maintain official membership record
  • Attend all meetings
  • Attend as many organization functions as possible
  • Complete Annual Report to be submitted to the Director of Student Activities by the designated deadline each Spring semester

HINT: Read the minutes at the beginning of each meeting. Post or email to membership to assure that membership knows which items were completed at the last meeting, which items must be covered at the next meeting, and other miscellaneous tasks or agenda items.

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