Club Event Planning

Steps for Planning an Event

1. Pick a date! Send some options to Rachel / Kathryn ( /

2. Request & confirm location: Refer to chart below

3. Once location is confirmed, Club President can provide setup request (if applicable)

  • Granito & Hennessy: send to
  • Stage Requests must be made through Maintenance Request Link
  • All other locations: Maintenance Request Link
  • You will receive an automated email acknowledging the request was received (this does not mean it has been accepted)
    • Once you receive an email indicating the request is “accepted” – it’s confirmed (if not, they will contact you)
    • On the day of your event, once you receive an email indicating the request has been “completed” – then your setup is ready

10. If DC1 Tablet is needed, Advisor submits DC 1 Tablet Request to at least one – two weeks in advance including: Event Name, Event Date, & Club Budget Code

  • Student picks up tablet for the event
  • Student returns the tablet after event
  • IT runs the report & sends it to the Club Advisor
  • The Club Advisor must then send the report to Pauline Teahan & verify the Club Budget Code

11. If spending money from club budget, request funds at least two weeks in advance: See steps outlines below

13. If ordering food from Chartwells, order at least two weeks in advance

  • Email to discuss pricing & menu
  • Once pricing & menu are confirmed, send to Director of Student Activities to process order

16. Fill out Event Confirmation Form (below)

17. Note: Complete this form after all previous steps have been completed

18. Make a flyer, get approval, and promote!

  • Bring one cope to Rachel or Kathryn for stamped approval
  • Make copies of stamped flyer

    Room Reservation Contact Information

    Badami Room, GranitoMichael Rogan
    Campus QuadRachel McGinty or Kathryn Strobel
    Classrooms & Fury Lecture
    Corless Lounge in Granito CenterMichael Rogan
    Granito ExtensionMichael Rogan
    Guzman Hall LoungesJoseph Dratch & Jonathan Delgado
    Hennessy Center (front gym, back gym, Holt Room, Aerobics Room)Michael Rogan
    Hertel Hall LoungesJoseph Dratch & Debra Ferguson
    Lawrence Room, Rosary Hall Rachel McGinty or Kathryn Strobel
    Palisades Room, Casey HallSr. Bernadette Burke
    Rosary Hall (lounges)Joseph Dratch
    Student Engagement Lounge in Casey Hall Rachel McGinty
    Table in Granito LobbyMichael Rogan
    Table in Casey Hall Use Maintenance Request Form & select 9-Lobby

    Steps for Utilizing Club Budgets

    • Preferred
      • Submit online orders at least two weeks prior with Kathryn or Rachel
      • For example:
        • Delivery – Amazon
        • Pickup – Michael’s
    • Alternative 1
      • Ask advisor to purchase items for your event
      • Submit receipts and Payment Voucher Form within 48 hours after event for advisor to be reimbursed
    • Alternative 2 – Only approved circumstances, must receive permission prior
      • If you cannot order online and advisor cannot purchase – submit Payment Voucher for a cash advance at least two weeks in advance
          • Fill out voucher
          • Get check in advisor’s name
          • Cash check and purchase items
          • Save all receipts
          • Submit Cash Advance Return Form and receipts within 48 hours after event