Clubs and Organizations

All student organizations of Dominican College are student-runand student-started and operate under the support of the Student Government Association. Each club has an advisor with the general responsibility of serving as a resource person. Activities and student functions are approved through the Student Activities Office and the Director of Student Activities.

The chartered clubs and organizations on campus are:

Note: List is subject to change


CAB – Charger Activities Board

CAB is a student-run organization that plans a broad range of events and programs to educate and entertain the entire college community. This organization gives students an opportunity to get involved, be creative, organize and plan events, develop leadership skills and become known on campus. We strive to unify the campus, instill a sense of school pride, and inspire students to become an active part of their community and make the most of their college experience. Click here for more information

SGA – Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the official representation of the student body. Student Government’s objectives are: 1. to act as the official representative of Dominican College students in all matters that relate to them as DC students in particular and college students in general; 2. to strive for mutual cooperation and understanding among students, faculty and administrators; 3. to approve charters and budgets submitted by clubs and organizations, provided these charters comply with the guidelines stated in the Student Government Constitution; 4. to help plan a cultural and social calendar that will meet the varied needs and desires of the College community. Click here for more information


*Denotes Graduate Club

Anime & Gaming Club

The mission of the Anime & Gaming Club is to give the Dominican College community the best representation to provide them with the information about geek culture. We provide them with a dedication to the highest quality of member satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, fun, individual pride, and community spirit. Click here to sign up!

Aquin Players – Drama Society

The purpose of the Aquin Players Drama Society of Dominican College is to enrich and promote the performing arts within higher education. As a club we strive to pursue greatness within each and every one of our members whether they are performing on stage or behind the curtains. Aquin is a family which puts on the yearly Spring Musical. Every year, our productions reach a new and heightened level of talent. Overall, our purpose is to not only put on an amazing show but to also promote a love for the arts as well as promoting self-confidence, self-respect, and a sense of unity among our Dominican College Community. Click here to sign up!


The Booklings provides an intimate setting for readers and writers to gather. It is a free and open-minded space for students to share their thoughts on books they have read as well as a place to share and express their creative writing ideas and works. Our goal is to help the Dominican College family see English as more than a subject taught in the classroom. Click here to sign up!

BSU – Black Student Union

Our mission is to instill the principles of self-determination, self-awareness, and bring together the social, cultural, and educational aspects of African American heritage. We will create a safe space, to promote conversation to lead to the knowledge of self-discovery, and the ability to give back to our community. Click here to sign up!

Campus Ministry

This organization is involved with outreach and community service programs, retreats, spiritual and prayer experiences and memorial services around campus. They also help plan the Interfaith Services held before Commencement, the Commencement Mass, and the annual Blood Drives. Click here to sign up!

Caribbean Dance Crew

The Caribbean Dance Crew is a student led dance team. Through unification, we develop a strong foundation and demonstrate persistence and dedication. We adhere to the diversity of the community and provide education behind the various cultures which we represent and the origins of where the dances derive. Through our performances we help build our Charger spirit at every event where we are present. We focus on creating a unique and challenging environment that brings both experienced and new dancers together. Click here to sign up!

DC Astrology

DC Astrology is to inform others on the concept of Zodiac signs. Being able to allow students to deepen their knowledge and spirituality with oneself. It brings DC Students together as a community. We will hope to allow members to discover and know more about themselves. Click here to sign up!

DC Equal Access Club

The DC Equal Access Club’s mission is to promote the full social, economic, and political inclusion of people with disabilities in the Dominican College community. We strive to eliminate barriers through social and volunteer activities for the benefit of the college community. Click here to sign up!

DC Potters

To inform and educate our students about the different aspects of the Harry Potter series. The teachings will include, hard work, courage, trust, and loyalty. We will hope to bring the magic alive from the Harry Potter series and turn it into a reality at DC. Click here to sign up!

DC Tabletop

Our mission is to unify the students of Dominican College through fun and stimulating board games. We will emphasize a wide variety of attributes such as team building, friendship, and critical thinking. This club will allow students to take a break from technology and have positive experience with their peers while forming new bonds in the process. Click here to sign up!

DC Strength

DC Strength is a club that focuses on providing the knowledge and coaching for sports performance through Power-Lifting and Olympic Weightlifting. Click here to sign up!

Debating Society

The Dominican College Debating Society is a co-curricular student organization dedicated to the advancement of reasoned discourse in public life as well as academic excellence on campus. By providing a positive, supportive, yet challenging environment, the Debating Society enables student members to hone their critical thinking, effective communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills, which facilitates their personal growth, prepares them for future career success, and provides enrichment to their overall college experience. Click here to sign up!

Habitat for Humanity

This club exists to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity, the international organization committed to eliminating poverty housing around the world, to build, educate, advocate, and fundraise. Students have the opportunity to work on building sites as the local chapter makes dates available. Click here to sign up!

History Club

The History Club is open to students from all disciplines and backgrounds, providing them with the opportunity to experience the richness of historical discourse in its many manifestations. Its programming includes field trips, movie events, and community involvement. Through participation in club activities, students can advance educational, career development, and networking opportunities while also enriching the campus experience for the entire Dominican College community. Click here to sign up!

International Students’ Association (ISA)

“Where differences become culture.” The main mission of the International Students’ Association is to share different cultures and backgrounds with the Dominican College community with a goal to expand knowledge and sensibility over different realities of life. In addition, the club expects to teach and guide its international students with important information about CPT/OPT, two similar applications that make them able to work/intern at an American organization while having a student visa (F-1). Click here to sign up!


In-Tune will provide opportunity for all students who play a musical instrument. The group will be exposed to many different genres of music including show tunes, rock, jazz, classical, pop, etc. Click here to sign up!

Photographer’s Click

The mission statement is to give students the opportunity of coming together in an academic environment to talk about photography, to go together as a club and take pictures of what inspires us all, and so our members can show their art to the rest of the campus. Click here to sign up!

Psychology Club

The mission of the Psychology Club is to give the Dominican College community a better understanding of what psychology is truly all about. The Psychology club will consist of students who are majoring in psychology and any other major. Any student who is interested in the field is strongly encouraged to join! The club will provide fun events, field trips and informational events. Click here to sign up!

Radio DC “The Voice”

The Student Radio Station of Dominican College is the web-based radio station that plays an eclectic mix of music and talk. The station operates through the Communication Studies Program and offers students media and entertainment experiences. Student-leaders design a program schedule for the campus that runs seven days a week. You can listen to The Voice by clicking here . Click here to sign up!

Rotaract Club

Rotaract’s mission is to ensure everyone feels like a part of something. We work together locally & internationally. Club relies on members & committees to achieve our goals. “Mission of Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill & peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, alleviation of poverty.” Click here to sign up!


In the fall of 2021, Dominican College will begin a new club rowing team for men and women. The team will compete in the NY State Collegiate Championship, Dad Vails and many local competitions.
For more information, please contact

Sabor Latino

To bring a “taste of Latin” culture on campus where students of different cultures, especially Latinos can meet new people and relate with one another through Hispanic based discussions, different styles of dance and various events. Click here to sign up!

SNADC - Student Nursing Association of DC

The purpose of the Student Nurses’ Association of Dominican College (SNADC) is to create awareness of the nursing studies in all aspects and unite all nursing students of all level and programs of the nursing major at Dominican College. We provide guidance and support to all nursing peers assuming the nursing major. Our mission is to also support charitable causes and events as future registered nurses. Click here to sign up!

Social Work Club

The SW Club comes together to plan events that involves members with the larger regional, national and global community around topics that explore social problems. They also plan a Social Work Community Day and attend workshops. Most members are Social Work majors, but   the club is open to everyone: All majors are welcomed. Click here to sign up!

SOTA - Student Occupational Therapy Association*

The mission of SOTA is to elicit a collaborative working environment where occupational therapy students and faculty come together to develop new ideas and methods, which will contribute to enhancing awareness of the profession at the local, state, and national level.  Members will develop advocacy events to educate the community about the impact of occupational mental health, life roles, and daily living.


Spectrum’s mission is to establish an open-minded and educational environment for LGBTQ+ youth and Allies alike. As society adapts and people become more accepting, it is our mission to further educate students on the current identities within the community, the struggles that come along with identifying differently, and the current events surrounding LGBTQ+ individuals. Spectrum strives to be a judgement-free space where anyone can feel welcomed and supported, regardless of identity. Click here to sign up!

SPTA - Student Physical Therapy Association*

The mission of the SPTA is to provide the student body the opportunity to create activities that will facilitate student interaction, professional development, and involvement in community service.

Tree Huggers

Our mission as the Tree Huggers club is to inform the community and grow the love for Mother Nature. Through this club our goal is to raise awareness and try to improve and preserve the planet we live on. Our vision is to help keep Rockland beautiful through fundraising, service projects and awareness classes. All are welcome to join, the only requirement is the desire to make the earth a better place. Click here to sign up!

Verbal Asylum

Our mission is to perform poetry for the student body and to give club members a chance to perform and perfect their art form. In doing this we give club members a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and community in sharing their words with the Dominican community. Click here to sign up!