Course Descriptions

The courses unique to the concentration in Accounting are as follows and are consistent with the new New York State CPA requirements. The prerequisites noted refer to courses within the existing undergraduate program at Dominican College:

AM520 Quantitative Methods (3)
An introduction to operations research (OR) applied to problems faced by decision-makers. The OR approach uses scientific methods and mathematical modeling in order to make sound business decisions. Analysis of the quantitative aspects of problems and their possible solutions using mathematical techniques for the optimization of goals is a focus.

AM534 Advanced Federal Taxation (3)
Advanced coverage of topics in federal taxation for partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, estates, and individuals. Students will explore the various rules and methods involved in minimizing a client’s tax liability. Students will use tax preparation software and research selected topics.(Prerequisite: AC333)

AM545 Accounting Information Systems (3)
This course will stress the hands-on use of various software tools and the practical application of a wide range of accounting functions and practices. Students will be required to prepare a complete set of financial statements appropriate for a small business or non-profit. This will include accounts payable and receivable; inventory; sales; payroll; operating and capital budgeting; fund transfers and credit card processing.(Prerequisites: AC242 and CI211)

AM550 Computer Auditing (3)
The study of auditing, assurance and internal control within the contemporary information system environment, as well as the use of computer assisted auditing tools and techniques. The course will include applications dealing with audit sampling techniques, testing of internal control procedures, the use of computers in performing analytic review procedures, as well as confirming accounts receivable. (Prerequisites: AC448 and CI211)

AM703 Contemporary Accounting Issues (3)
Current topics will be discussed such as International Accounting Standards, accounting for derivatives, home office/branch accounting, and accounting for bankruptcy. Students will also use accounting and tax software and computer applications to solve selected accounting and tax problems. Topics will vary depending on developments in the profession.(Prerequisites: AC241 and AC242)

AM704 Accounting Research & Professional Ethics (3)
Students will research various topics in accounting and auditing literature, including pronouncements issued by the FASB, AICPA, SEC, and PCAOB. Students will become familiar with specific standards of the profession including the AICPA Code of Ethics and related ethical rulings. Standards reviewed will include accounting, auditing, compilation and review, tax, and management advisory services. (Prerequisite: AC 448)