Mark C. Meachem: Presentations



Professor Meachem’s public presentations include:

  • Social Capital and its correlation to Massive Multiplayer Online Games,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, April 2012, Boston, MA.
  • “The Power of Social Capital in MMOGs: Cooperative Behaviors and Cronyism in World of Warcraft,” Eastern Communication Association, April 16, 2011, Arlington, VA.
  • “Helping You to Help Me: Pursuing Self-Interests in World of Warcraft and its Correlation to Offline Social Capital,” virtual presentation for the International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, November 2009, Madrid, Spain.
  • “Truth, Justice and the American Media: presented at the 10th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities, June 2008, Madison, WI.
  • “Flexible Learning, the changing classroom and technology. The roles of faculty and students in the 21st century learning environment,” presented at the 9th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities, June 2006, Orangeburg, NY.
  • “Defining the Media in the Digital Age,” panel sponsored by the Palisades Institute, February 2006.
  • The U.S. and the World – Dual Perspectives, panel discussion, April 2004.