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Logo Files

The Dominican College Logo is the primary visual identity mark of the institution and is to be used on all stationery, merchandise, printed publications, and digital applications intended for on or off campus use. Logo usage must adhere to the branding guidelines. Please ensure that when using the logo, you don't stretch it disproportionately or separate the icon from the word mark.

If you are creating a publication that will go to external audiences or promotes a major college initiative, the Marketing Department can assist you with producing the piece. The logos provided below are primarily intended for web executions and in-house printing.  For professional printing or for superimposing the logo on a product like a pen you will likely need something else. Confirm with the vendor and with the Purchasing Department. 


  • When printing the logo in black use the black & white version. See below
  • When printing the logo against a dark background use the reverse version. Download it here > 
  • Leave a cushion of space around the logo, or safe zone. The safe zone on all sides of the logo is equal to the height of the letter "L" in the COLLEGE portion of the word mark. 
  • The logo is available from the Office of Marketing and Communications. The logo should not be copied and pasted from a College web page because the resolution of the image will be poor and the quality unsuitable for publishing in print.

Right-click, then choose “Save As…”


Basic RGB






When printing the logo against a dark background such as red, black or dark grey, use the reverse version.
Download it here >