Interprofessional Seminar Promotes Better Understanding and Collaboration

Graduate students in education and occupational therapy discuss case studies during the annual Interprofessional Seminar.

Graduate students in education and occupational therapy discussed how they can collaborate in the classroom during the annual Interprofessional Seminar on November 2, 2019.  Mike Kelly, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Programs in Education, said the seminar promotes better understanding among the professions.

During the seminar, the students break into groups and discuss real-life case studies.  “The bottom line is to come up with some practical skill sets that both of the disciplines can talk about,” said Kelly.  The goal, he said, is for the students to have a plan of how to work together to best serve young people when they are out working in schools.

The Interprofessional Seminar has been held for more than 10 years at Dominican College.   About 70 students participated in the program in the Palisades Room in Casey Hall.