Faculty Present at Dominican Colloquium In Rhode Island

Dominican College faculty, administrators, and students who attended the Dominican Colloquium are shown here at Calabria Plaza on the campus of Providence College.

Seven Dominican College professors delivered presentations during a four-day Dominican Colloquium held at Providence College in Rhode Island from June 21-24.  The Colloquium is held every other year and brings together representatives from 15 Dominican colleges across the country.

Chancellor of External Affairs, Sr. Kathleen Sullivan, O.P., said the goal is for the colleges to be collaborative.  “To share ideas and experiences to help formulate what it is that we are providing to our students and to the communities we serve,” she said.  “The colleges are all rooted in the four pillars of Dominican life and they really work to involve everybody as a community within this framework.”  The four pillars are community, study, service, and spirituality.

The Dominican College professors presented on a variety of topics including biology, communications, education, and occupational therapy.  The presenters were: Bernadette Connors, Ph.D., Giovanna Czander, Ph.D., Dianne DiSpagna, Ed.D.,    Kathleen Hickey, Ed.D., Mark Meachem, Ed.D., Mary Walsh Roche, OTR/L, and Nadia Rust,  OTD, OTR/L.  The next Dominican Colloquium will be held in two years at Edgewood College in Wisconsin.