Major Information Day

Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Time: 2:15 pm  to  3:30 pm
Location: Lawrence Room, Rosary Hall

Major Information Day (February 1st & 3rd) –  is a prequel to Major Declaration Day (March 1st & 3rd).  At this in-person event division directors from Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Business, Arts & Sciences, Nursing, Social Work, and Education sit in front of the freshman class and talk about the majors in their divisions. This event will be held in the Lawrence Room during the common hour 2:15pm- 3:30pm.   All freshmen are required to attend and attendance will be taken.  This helps freshmen that are undecided hear information about each major.  It also helps freshmen that know what they want to major in get more information.  All students will then have a chance to speak to the division directors either during the Q&A session or after the event if they want to speak privately.