dirt 2 turf kick off

November 30th 2018 marked the Lacrosse and Soccer gathering event to kick off the Turf field.  The new campaign called dirt 2 turf kicked off with many soccer and lacrosse alumni and current team members in attendance to begin the fundraising for the Turf field.  Also unveiled that night was the new dirt 2 turf website https://dirt2turf.dc.edu/ where you can view videos, as well as learning more about the need for the field and providing a donation towards the construction of the field.

The evening was kicked off by Sr. Mary Eileen O’Brien describing the need for the field.  Followed by V.P. John Burke, coaches Colin Hodge and Dan Steigert describing the issues with the current field and senior captain of the lacrosse team Kyle Souza describing what the team’s current experience at practices and games on the current field.  The presentations were brought to a conclusion with Director of Athletics, Joe Clintons inspired speech to all the alumni in the audience and how important their support of the College and the campaign is to the success of the College’s fundraising for the Turf field.

dirt 2 turf Committee