Coronavirus Update: Dominican College is developing plans for Fall 2020
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Dominican College’s mission “….is to promote educational excellence, leadership, and service in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community and its needs.” In keeping with this mission, we are developing plans for on-campus learning and other activities in the Fall 2020 semester. These plans will be based on consideration for the health and safety of our community and the guidance provided by New York state and other appropriate authorities.
Please refer to our latest updates here.

 CASE Course Schedule 2018-2019      
FALL SEMESTERThursday, April 12, 2018
Course IDCourse NameInstructor Name, LastFirst NameComments
Session I: Sept 4 - Oct 25, 2018
Part 1 AC111 L2Financial AccountingHoffmanMichael
CS 446 L1Gender CommunicationDiSienaAnnMarie
EN 115 L1Enhanced Writing WilkinsDiana
HI 223 M L1Medieval Europe DiazMichael
Part 1MA 112 L2Introduction to College MathMonizDebra
Part 1MA 113 L2College AlgebraMonizDebra
MG 211 L1Introduction to ManagementPenninoClare
PS 101 S L1General Psychology INewcombeChristine
PS 114 L1Developmental
General Psy II
SO 111 L1Introduction to SociologyParrelloTara
Session II: Oct 30-Dec 20, 2018
Part 2AC 111 L2Financial AccountingHoffmanMichael
EN 225 C L2Classical LiteratureDolginEllen
Part 2MA 112 L2Introduction to College MathMonizDebra
Part 2MA 113 L2College AlgebraMonizDebra
MG 474 L2Business PolicySzerkoVicky
MK 114 L2Intro to MarketingPenninoClare
PS 102 S L2General Psychology IINewcombe Christine
RS 226 P L2Religion in AmericaCzanderGiovanna
Session III: January 8 - February 28, 2019
CI 211 L1Computer Based SystemsDiazRussell
CJ 226 L1Police, Citizen, and CommunityParrelloTara
EN 442 VG L1Women Come of Age Hickey
PS 113 L1Developmental psy INewcombeChristine
Part 1MA 116 L2Finite MathMaynardLydia
MG 310 L1Business, Society and Corporate ValuesPeninoClare
CS 222 L1Interpersonal CommunicationBurnsAndrew
Session IV: March 5- April 25, 2019
CJ/SO 227 L2Law and SocietyTBA
Part 2MA 116 L2Finite MathTBA
MG/CS 373 L2LeadershipDiSienaAnnMarie
PS 114 L2Developmental Psychology IINewcombe Christine
RS 224 M L2Religion and Human ExperienceCzanderGiovanna
SO 223 V L2Social ProblemsRaabBonni
SS 221 L2Quantitative MethodsKornreichBeth
Session V: May 7-June 27, 2019
CJ/SO 244 L1Women, Crime and JusticeParrelloTara
CS 443 L1Public RelationsDiSienaAnnMarie
Part 1FN 226 L2Principles of Finance SpillnerJohn
PS 226 L1Abnormal PsychologyAinetteMichael
PS 229 V L1Psychology of Gender
Part 1PS 331 L2Psychological StatisticsKornreichBeth
Session VI: July 9- August 29, 2019
CS 111 L2Dynamics of Oral CommunicationBurnsAndrew
Part 2FN 226 L2Principles of Finance SpillnerJohn
MA 225 L2Introduction to StatsTBA
PS 344 L2Biopsychology
Part 2PS 331 L2Psychological StatisticsKornreich