Returning Student Housing Selection Process

Residence Life uses a housing selection process that takes place late in the Spring Semester for the following fall. This system allows us to recognize students who are achieving in both the academic and community citizenship aspects of their time at Dominican College. Below is pertinent information for the housing selection process. This system has been developed so that any current student, Resident or Commuter, can participate.

Important Housing Selection Dates

– Late March – Early April: Housing selection informational meetings in all Residence Halls
– April: Registration for students, starting with athletes
– One week before housing selection usually, mid-April, full time registration required and all paperwork housing paperwork must be submitted
– Friday and Saturday before housing selection, Priority Points are evaluated and sent out via students DC email
– Tuesday before housing selection is the deadline for room type applications with roommate choice
– Housing selection takes place over two days; day one for quads and triples and day two for doubles, singles and open spots

Requirements to Participate in Housing SelectionHow Points Are CalculatedPicking Your Room

In order to participate in Housing Selection current students must complete the following: (Transfer students are placed in a separate process over the summer.)

  • Be a currently enrolled student at Dominican College (Resident or Commuter)
  • Be registered full time for the Fall 2015 Semester (12 credits minimally)
  • Have receipt of payment for $200 housing deposit from the Bursar’s Office
  • Complete FAFSA and acquire voucher from the Financial Aid Office stating information is complete
  • Provide the above documents and fill out housing paperwork in the Rosary Hall Residence Life central office

Students must fulfill the above requirements a week prior to the housing selection event to be eligible for the housing selection process.

Your points will be an equation of your current earned credits and your GPA weighted with your campus citizenship: leadership (positive weight) and/or your judicial history (negative weight).

Points Equation:   (Current Credits + GPA cubed) x (campus citizenship %)

You will receive up to 10% additional points for:

  •                  Being on the Roster of a college team
  •                 Being the officer of a club
  •                 Being a student leader (SGA, Peer Mentor)

You will lose 10% of your points if you have a judicial responsibility from the academic school year. (category B or higher)

Example 1: A junior has 76 earned credits and a 2.1 GPA. They are a club officer in the Fashion Club.

(76 credits + 2.1 GPA cubed) x (10% for being a club officer)

76 points for credits + 9.261 points for GPA = 85.261 points X 1.1 leadership = 93.787 points

Example 2: A freshman has earned 20 credits and a 3.9 GPA. They are an athlete and an SGA member.

(20 credits + 3.9 GPA cubed) x (10% for leadership participation)     (not 20% for both, only 10%                                            max)

20 points for credits + 59.319 points for GPA = 79.319 points x 1.1 for leadership = 87.25 points

Example 3: A sophomore has 45 earned credits with a 2.3 GPA. They have been documented and found responsible for alcohol in the fall semester.

(45 credits + 2.3 GPA cubed) x (-10% for judicial history)

45 points for credits + 12.167 points for GPA = 57.167 points x .9 for judicial history = 51.45 points

Example 4:  A junior has 72 credits and a 2.5 GPA. They are a student leader and were also documented for smoking in the Residence Halls last week.

(72 credits + 2.5 GPA cubed) x (10% leadership and -10% for judicial)

72 points for credits + 15.625 points for GPA = 87.625 points x 1 (leadership and judicial cancel) =                                      87.625 points

Please note example 2 and 4 and the closeness of their accessed points as well as the differences in their years on campus and participation and GPA.

The Housing Selection Process will take place on two nights: Day 1 for Quads and Triples and Day 2 for Doubles and Singles/Open Rooms

Each application will be given a selection slot based on the cumulative points of the students on the application.  This means all students points count, not just the person on your application with the best points. This is a change from the previous lottery process.

Below are guidelines for room applications:

You may apply with (1) less than capacity of the room: (3) people for a quad, (2) people for a triple, and (1) person in a double. Preference will be given to fully occupied applications first, even if fully occupied application has less points than the partially occupied application

If applying for multiple room types (a quad and a double in case all quads are taken) you must indicate in the appropriate spot on both applications that you have applied for other room types.

You may only apply for one type of each room. If you apply for two doubles with two different people, we will ask which one you would like to count and the second application becomes a partial application. (Don’t leave your friend high and dry!)

All applications will be available for print on the Residence Life Portal after the paperwork deadline. You can also pick up Room Type applications from the Residence Life central office in Rosary Hall after that date.

How are time slots for selection assigned?

The time slot for room selection is assigned based on the cumulative points of the students applying for the room type. If you are applying for a quad, the points of all four people applying for the quad will be totaled and quad selection times will be based on the totals of all students participating.  This will also apply for other room types.

What if I can’t be at my time slot?

If you can’t be at the selection during your time, you must fill out a proxy form. You have two options:

  • Have a friend be your Proxy. Fill out the proxy form completely and sign it. Your Proxy must have the form in hand when selecting your room
  • Have Residence Life be your Proxy. Fill out the Proxy form completely and submit it to the Residence Life Central Office in Rosary before close of business the day before your selection slot.

Can Commuter To Residents Participate in the Room Selection Process?

YES! This is a new idea we are introducing with our housing selection system. This system was designed to allow any currently enrolled student to participate in the process. We have always understood one of the main issues for some students is getting assigned later in the process and not being able to live with friends. The housing selection system is designed to reward academics and Campus Citizenship and specifically to not hurt commuter to resident students in their selection process.