Policies and Procedures

  • Click to view the Student Code of Conduct
  • Residence Life Community Standards
  • Every Resident student on campus has signed the Housing contract for this academic year. Sometimes we have students request a copy of what they signed for their personal records. Click to view the Housing Contract.

Room Damage Responsibility

When a resident student checks into their room they are asked to document all damage existing in the room so they will not be charged upon their check out for the incurred damage. The student is responsible for any and all damage not reported on the “Room Condition Report” when they check in.

As a courtesy, Residence Life has staff go through and note all damage before checking in and then they go over their findings again with the student. Here is an example of that form.

Room Change Procedure

The Residence Life Department wants to provide a conducive living environment for every student’s academic success. Although we try to make the best roommate pairings we can sometimes it doesn’t work out.

Residence Life does put a housing freeze in place for the first two weeks of the semester but there are three room change periods throughout the year to help alleviate any situations that may arise. These periods begin two weeks after the start of each semester and December 1 for moves that take place over the winter interim.

Current students looking for a room change in these periods of time can login into the portal and download the “Room Change Request Form” from the Residence Life tab.

After the form is filled out, it must be submitted to the Residence Life central office on the first floor of Rosary Hall. If your room change is approved, you will receive a call and/or email from Melissa Leigh Tetler-Grau, the Assistant Director for Housing and Operations, to make the arrangements for the move.

Any questions about this process? Email Melissa Leigh Tetler-Grau at melissa.grau@dc.edu for more information.

Bed Bug Policy

Residence Life and Facilities works diligently together to reduce the chances of bed bug incidents on campus. Even still, we are not able to control what is brought accidently into the Residence Centers by our students. For this reason we have developed the following procedure in conjunction with current practices. If you have any additional questions about the procedure or suspect you may have bed bugs, contact your Assistant Director immediately. Click here to view our bed bug policy.

Parking Permit Information

Every resident who has a car on campus must register the vehicle with the Parking Center and Residence Life. To do this you must bring a copy of your registration to the Parking Center (freshmen) or the Assistant Director of your building (upper-classmen.) At that time you will be asked to fill out the “DC Parking Permit Application”

Guzman Residents are permitted to parking in the Guzman parking lot adjacent to the building. Hertel Hall’s parking lot is small and reserved for employees and upper-classmen residents only. Hertel Hall Freshmen and all Rosary Hall residents are permitted to park in the large Rosary parking lot located between the two buildings.

For additional information about parking on campus, please contact your Assistant Director or Brien Olivo in the Parking Center in Casey Hall at  (845) 848-4062.