Guidelines for Professional Dress

Attention to details is crucial, so here are some tips for both men and women.


  • Check your outfit for holes, tears, stains, scuffs or wrinkles
  • Wear clean and polished conservative dress shoes
  • Wear clean and neatly pressed attire
  • Have well-groomed hair
  • Have clean and trimmed fingernails
  • Have well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
  • Inspect your hair, nails, hems and the shine on your shoes


  • Wear tank tops or concert t-shirts
  • Wear miniskirts, tight sweaters, or tops too tight, too sheer, or too low-cut
  • Wear knee-high boots, stilettos, sling backs and open-toed shoes
  • Wear big jewelry or hair ornaments
  • Wear too much cologne or perfume
  • Have visible body piercing beyond conservative ear piercings
  • Show body tattoos
  • Have body odor