Career Services By Year

Freshman Year

  • Visit the Career Development Center to explore services and opportunities.
  • Complete FOCUS II to identify interests, skills, values and personality traits and explore majors and career options. Meet with director to discuss majors and careers.
  • Research specifics about careers, checkout “What Can I Do with this Major?” on the website.
  • Take classes in subject areas that interest you and talk to professors.
  • Get involved in college activities, clubs, or organizations.
  • Learn about internships, part-time jobs during the school year and summer job opportunities.
  • Attend workshops, events and Career Fairs hosted by the Career Development Center.
  • Pick up Resume and Cover letter guide and Interview Tips guide from the Career Development Center.
  • Develop a resume which is a living document that you will update regularly; attend a resume/cover letter workshop and meet with the director for resume review and revisions.
  • Begin reading about career options using our Career resources.
  • Enjoy yourself.

Sophomore Year

  • Continue exploring your options and remain open to new ideas.
  • Choose a major, if you have not done so already, and become familiar with its requirements.
  • Play an active role in a club or organization to develop you communication, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • Attend workshops, events and presentations on topics related to your major.
  • Discuss career possibilities with the director and make plans to get some hands-on experience through internships.
  • Arrange Job Shadowing experiences through the Career Development Center.
  • Attend events, workshops and Career Fairs presented by the Career Development Center.
  • Update your resume and create a cover letter.

Junior Year

  • Begin building your network.
  • Continue participating in Job Shadowing.
  • Update your resume and have the director review it.
  • Set up Informational Interviews to learn about the specifics of the field or industry you have chosen.
  • Create a professional e-mail and voicemail.
  • Develop your interviewing skills and participate in mock interviews.
  • Continue attending career workshops, events and Career Fairs.
  • Participate in an internship or career-oriented part-time or summer job and develop your skills and gain on the job experience.
  • Formulate your job or graduate school search timeline and plans.
  • Research graduate schools, the application procedures and deadlines. Prepare and register for admission tests, the GRE Graduate Record Exam, LSAT Law School Admissions Test, MCAT Medical School Admissions Test and GMAT Graduate Management Admissions Test.

Senior Year

  • Update your resume and cover letter and meet with the director to review or revise.
  • Continue developing your network and setting up informational interviews.
  • Participate in another internship and gain valuable experience.
  • Attend career workshops and events and participate in all senior career events.
  • Prepare a job search strategy or graduate school plan.
  • Research prospective employers and develop a target list of employers.
  • Develop a list of professional references of at least 3 individuals.
  • Enhance your interviewing skills and do a videotaped mock interview.
  • Attend Career Fairs and develop professional relationships and explore career options.
  • Engage in active job search beginning in the fall semester.
  • Develop essays and personal statements and apply to graduate schools.