Campaign Goals: Expansion

The Granito Center, which opened in 1996, was intended to serve a resident population of no more than 300-400 students. Currently 700 students reside on campus, and that number is expected to increase in proportion to the growth in enrollment. Expanding the kitchen and dining facilities, adding a lounge area with snack service, and converting a meeting room into a game room was our first priorities. Construction began in May 2010 and was completed in the fall of the same year.
Granito Center goal: $2 million

Since its opening in 1994, the Hennessy Center has been the focal point of athletic training, competition, and student life activities. With a 230% growth in student athletes in that time, a second gym and a larger training and fitness facility are necessary. The College also has plans to acquire currently leased soccer and softball fields.
Hennessy Center goal: $4.0 million

In addition to the soccer and softball fields, properties currently leased from the Sisters of St. Dominic are being offered for sale. The College is planning to purchase Forkel Hall, a parking lot and several acres of contiguous land to accommodate future growth.
Property goal: $2 million