Advancing Excellence — The Campaign for Dominican College

Over the past 20 years Dominican College has opened pathways to excellence for its students with a spectacular campus development program that has included the construction of five new facilities and the purchase of a sixth building. Living and learning environments have been created, combining residential, academic, and leisure settings. Paralleling this campus growth has been the emergence of master’s and doctoral level academic programs, as well as a broad range of new and enhanced undergraduate fields of study.

There has been a 73% growth in the traditional student population in the past ten years, with 70% opting to live on campus. This phenomenon has transformed the College from a commuter to a residential campus. This trend is anticipated to continue through 2019, when the student body will reach 2,500 from its present 2,000. Extensive research and development have produced a master plan, a strategic plan, and financial resource projections to manage present and future needs. Four campaign areas have emerged which address these findings: Expansion Projects, Endowment, Scholarships and annual support for Strategic Initiatives.

Advancing Excellence — The Campaign for Dominican College sets an ambitious goal of raising $12 million by 2013. Your support will help fulfill College-wide goals in the following areas:

  • Expansion
  • Endowment
  • Annual Scholarships
  • Annual Fund