NYS Enhanced Tuition Awards

Dominican College is strongly committed to enrolling qualified students, regardless of their financial means. It is for that reason that the College has opted to participate in a new program from New York State, the Enhanced Tuition Award Program (ETA).

Enhanced Tuition Awards of up to $6,000 are available for NYS resident students enrolled in a private college in New York State.  Priority is given to students who were enrolled in 2016-17.  If you would like to speak with someone about attending Dominican College with the NYS Enhanced Tuition Award contact our Financial Aid Office at (845) 848-7821 or financial.aid@dc.edu. You can also use the online form


What is the Enhanced Tuition Awards Program?
What does it mean to be a “NYS resident” for purposes of receiving this award?
How much can I receive from the Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA) Program?
Will I be able to get an award for the fall?
When will I be able to apply for the award?
Can I get an award if I’m currently going to a private college?
How long can I get the award?
Do I need a certain grade point average to get or keep the award?
Can I get an award if I’m a transfer student?
Once I receive the scholarship, is it possible to lose it?
If I completed my associate’s degree, can I receive this award to get my bachelor’s degree?
Are there any other requirements that I must meet after I complete my degree?
Do students with disabilities under the ADA need to complete 30 credits per year?

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