Social Work

If you are interested in helping people, social justice or community action, you can acquire the basic skills and knowledge through our BSW program. This degree leads to generalist social work practice in a social agency or institution and allows for eligibility into the second year of a MSW program (referred to as advanced standing). 

The program is designed to provide you with insights about the biopsychosocial development of individuals as well as global knowledge including social justice, economic equality, and cultural awareness.  Major theories, skills and self-awareness are incorporated into our program to provide you with a rich foundation in the field of social work.

The three items that the program is designed to do are:

  1. Prepare you to qualify as beginning-level generalist social work professionals.
  2. Promoting an environment which honors diversity and advances social justice.
  3. Providing the foundation for an appreciation of lifelong learning and advancement in graduate level social work education.

The Major in Social Work 

Students pursuing a Bachelors of Social Work will need 45 credits in the Social Work Professional core and a concentration of 18 credits in one of the social sciences as well as nine credits in two of the other social sciences: Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, History, Criminal Justice, and Economics.


The Social Work Program is fully accredited at the undergraduate level by The Council on Social Work Education (C.S.W.E.), 1701 Duke Street, Suite 200, Alexandria VA 22314-3421.

Meet the Director

Director: Lucinda Acquaye-Doyle
Location: Casey Hall, Room 106
Phone: (845) 848-4115
Fax: (845) 359-7801