Division of Social Sciences

Are you interested in having a positive impact on people, agencies, or society?

Do you dream of getting a job in advocacy, public service, human services, social planning, lobbying, or as a consultant?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then pursuing a degree in the Social Sciences at Dominican College is right for you.

The Division of Social Sciences is home to an array of majors and minors that allows for the scientific study of human society and social relationships.  Our caring faculty strives to offer an excellent education with a strong foundation to pursue a lifelong career in many areas related to mental health, criminal justice, politics, human services, or community-based professions.

Each of our rigorous programs will provide you with the valuable knowledge, skills, and experience you need to become a leader in your field of choice.

Located in Casey Hall, the Division of Social Sciences is the administrative home for the degree programs in:

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For more information contact the Director of the Division of Social Sciences, Dr. Christopher G. Libertini at (845) 848-4069 or christopher.libertini@dc.edu.