Study literature in a way that opens your mind and enhances your creativity.

Your love of literature and writing and your desire for self-exploration will find full expression in Dominican College’s English program.  Our courses help you develop communication and thinking skills that can be applied in almost any career as you study literature in a way that opens your mind and enhances your creativity, self-expression, confidence, and imagination.

As an English major, you will become fully versed in “the best that has been thought and said” in literature while at the same time developing self-knowledge and critical and analytical skills that are in demand in almost every professional field. You will study writing and language both as art and as expression of significant thought, gaining cultural knowledge and a lively appreciation for the greatest of English works.

Areas of Courses Offered

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • World Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Rhetoric and Grammar
  • Folklore and Mythology

Programs of Study

  • Bachelor of Arts in English: The English Major requires 36 credits consisting of courses in world literature; early and late British literature; American literature; focused study of an individual author or genre; an advanced senior seminar; and 18 elective credits that may be used to customize your course of study toward your own area of interest.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English with Preparation for Education: If you wish to teach English at the elementary school or the high school level, you may major in English with Preparation for Childhood Education, or English with Preparation for Adolescence Education.  Both these tracks require courses in world, British, and American literature, as well as a course in Literature for Children and Adolescents; an advanced senior seminar; a writing practicum; and several elective courses.  Together with the course of study offered through the Teacher Education Division, these programs will prepare you to become an effective classroom educator and will prepare you for New York State certification.  For details regarding the Education component of the program, please see Teacher Education.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with English Specialization:This specialization is designed to allow you to pursue your interest in English while you acquire a broad expertise in liberal arts by majoring in Humanities. For details, please see Humanities.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education with English Concentration:Majoring in Teacher Education with a concentration in English will prepare you for New York State certification in Childhood Education, and will equip you with the pedagogical and subject matter expertise necessary to become a champion educator.  If you wish to teach English in the younger grades, and prefer to pursue a degree in Education rather than in English, you may major in Teacher Education and select English as your area of concentration. For details, please see Teacher Education.