Summary of Requirements

The Athletic Training Curriculum can be completed in eight semesters of full-time study. Students interested in applying to the program must first successfully complete all prerequisite courses and meet all course grade and grade point average requirements. Transfer students must meet the same curricular requirements as students who enter the College as freshmen. In accordance with C.A.A.T.E. guidelines, all AT, AH, and BI courses must be completed at Dominican College. (Anatomy and Physiology courses taken elsewhere may be acceptable in transfer, subject to review and approval by Dominican College and the Athletic Training Program Director; the review/approval process may include administration of a Dominican College examination.)

The curriculum framework has been designed in conformity with C.A.A.T.E. requirements for sequenced basic and clinical instruction accompanied or followed by laboratory and clinical affiliations. Clinical affiliations provide students with the important link between academic theory and practical application. For example, students taking AT 338 Therapeutic Exercise will simultaneously take AT 339 Techniques IV, which stresses the application of skills directly related to Therapeutic Exercise. As students move through the curriculum, the increasing complexity of classroom learning is reflected in their movement from on-site to a variety of off-campus sites.

Athletic Training Students are required to complete a minimum of three clinical affiliations within the course of study. Each student will be provided the opportunity of at least one off-campus affiliation. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical affiliation sites. Successful completion of the clinical affiliations is a prerequisite for continuance in the program.