Fees and Other Expenses

In addition to tuition, ATP Students will be responsible for the following additional expenses:

  • Immunization Form (expense depends on your healthcare insurance)
  • Annual Physical – Must be completed by Primary Care Physician (expense depends on your healthcare insurance)
  • Obtain yearly Student Athletic Trainer Professional Liability Insurance (Approximately $50)
  • Recertification Fee for CPR/AED and Oxygen Administration on a yearly basis and First Aid every three years (Approximately $35 to $55 at Dominican College)
  • Students must take the ACES Preparatory Board of Certification Workshop ($200/senior year)
  • Transportation (including gas and tolls) to and from clinical sites (depends on the distance of your clinical site – addresses are in the handbook)
  • Professional Attire: Minimum of one Athletic Training Polo Shirt ($25.00)

Other Expenses:

  • Additional Attire ($22 to $65 for each piece) may be purchased
  • Student NATA Membership (approximately $99.00 per year)
  • Fingerprinting & Background Check (state regulated: approximately $125.00)