Computer Information Systems

Dominican College’s program in Computer Information Systems (CIS) will qualify students for career positions in the rapidly growing Information Technology sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13-percent growth rate in the technology field by 2026. This growth rate is about twice the national average for all careers.

As a CIS professional, you may work with end-user technology, local area networks, Network Servers, Active Directory, Databases, e-mail systems, cybersecurity, or Internet based technologies. The CIS program will expose you to all of these areas.

The Dominican College CIS program

  • The Computer Information Systems field is one of the few where there is a very close connection between the educational requirements and the requirements for careers in the field. In order to bring more real life work into the classroom, Dominican College has merged the College’s Information Technology Department with the Academic CIS Department. As a result of the merger, the CIS program is kept current based on what is happening in the IT world as technology is continually developing.
  • All students have access to both CIS faculty and IT department professionals as they complete their degrees.
  • Daytime students are offered Work Study internships in the IT department. This provides more hands-on time repairing and upgrading laptops and desktop computers.
  • There is a dedicated lab for the CIS program that is equipped with commercial grade hardware and software such as working with real web servers, network servers, database servers, network switches and routers. Labs and class assignments are based on this hardware. Online students will use software simulators to do the lab work.

Our CIS program is based on the current demand for technology skills.  We have three courses based on current industry technology certifications, Comp TIA A+, Comp TIA Network+ and Microsoft Server Certification. We highly encourage students to take these certification test while they are still students or soon after graduation.

Summary of Requirements

The Computer Information Systems program consists of a minimum of 122 credits, distributed as follows:

  • 60 credits of Liberal Arts
  • 60 credits in Division Requirements
    • 6 credits in divisional requirements
    • 27 credits business requirements
    • 33 credits in CIS Core Courses

Required Division Courses: (Two Courses-Total 6 Credits)

Course # Course Name Credits
CI 211 Computer Based Systems 3
MG 211
Intro. to Management 3

CIS Major Requirements (33 credits)

Course # Course Name Credits
CI 230*
Computer Security                  *or CI Elective 3
CI 248
C# Programming
CI 252*
Structured Systems Analysis & Design
CI 262*
Technology Hardware 1         *or CI Elective
CI 263*
Network Technology 1           *or CI Elective
CI/MG 347*
Internet and Networks          *or CI Elective
CI 357
Linux Operating System
CI/MG 360
Window Server Management
CI 380
Programming for the Internet
CI/MG 456
Database Organization and Systems
CI 471
Applied Software Development

In general, Information Technology supports businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. The better understanding you have related to the business world, the better understanding you will have of their technology needs.  In order to maximize your understanding of the business world you will also take 27 credits in business.