Computer Information Systems (CIS) Minor

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Minor (18 credits) will provide you with a big advantage in most careers outside of the CIS field. Most professional careers depend on technology in one way or another. If you are the one with the strongest technology skills in your group, your career will progress faster than those who are limited by their lack of knowledge in technology.

These courses will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of how the nature of an organization determines the nature of the network. You will learn about business applications such as Office 365, Systems Analysis, Personal Computer Hardware, Network Hardware, Network Design, Internet Technologies, Network Servers, Databases and Programming.

This CIS minor has been designed with maximum flexibility by accepting most of the three-credit CIS courses. Please be aware of the required prerequisites.

Summary of Requirements

The following two courses are required (6 cr.):

  • CI-211 Computer Based Systems
  • MG-211 Intro. to Management

One additional course from Programming is required (3 cr.):

  • CI 248 C# Programming (Prerequisite: CI-211)
  • CI 368 Java Programming (Prerequisite: CI-248)
  • CI 380 Internet Programming (Prerequisite: CI-211)

One additional course from Computer Management is required (3 cr.):

  • CI 200 MS Excel for Business Applications (Prerequisite: CI-211)
  • CI 262 Technology Hardware I (Prerequisite: CI-211)
  • CI 263 Network Technology I (Prerequisite: CI-211)

Two additional courses from Computer Management are required (6 cr.):

  • CI/MG 237 PC Applications for Managers (Prerequisite: CI-211 & MG-211)
  • CI/MG 252 Systems Analysis and Design (Prerequisite: CI-211 & MG-211)
  • CI 348 Business Data Communications (Prerequisite: CI-211)
  • CI/MG-360 Windows Server Management (Prerequisites: CI-262)
  • CI/MG-456 Database Organization and Systems (Prerequisite: CI-252)