Whether you are at the beginning of your higher education or you already hold an undergraduate degree, Dominican College’s certificate programs will provide you with the prestige and recognition that comes with completing a rigorous and accredited course of study in a specialized subject matter.  Our formal certifications are approved by New York State and offer an attractive alternative to an academic major for those who wish to acquire expertise through a concentrated, highly focused approach.

Certificate in Personal Computers

A basic understanding of personal computers is a critical element for success in any career in the Information Age. This program will provide you with proficiency in areas such as of operating systems, office productivity tools (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Internet access, Web Page Design, courses in Ethics, MS Publisher, Outlook, Adobe, Adobe Workshop and Digital Imaging.

Summary of Requirements: Six one-credit courses are required, from any of the courses in the program.

Certificate in Computer Information Systems (Computer Management)

Whether you are a beginning student or you already hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, the Computer Management Certificate Program at Dominican College will provide you with the training you need to enter the computer field.  The program provides a general understanding of the computer-based systems used in business environments, and educates you in the areas of programming, marketing, management, networks, databases, and other relevant fields necessary for success as a computer professional.

Summary of Requirements: The program consists of a total of 30 credit hours, including six required courses and four additional courses.  The six required courses are Computer-Based Systems, C# Programming, Effective Business Communications, Basic Marketing, Introduction to Statistics, and Introduction to Management.  Four additional courses are chosen from PC Applications for Managers, Structured Systems and Design, Help Desk Management, Telecommunications and Networks, Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions, and Database Organization and Systems

Certificate in Computer Programming

A career in computer programming will challenge your quantitative and logic skills, as well as your ability to think in an organized, structured manner.  Dominican College’s Certificate program in Computer Programming will qualify you as an entry-level programmer, providing you with a general understanding of popular programming languages and educating you in important business concepts necessary for success.

Summary of Requirements: The program consists of 33 credit hours, including 8 required courses and three additional courses.  The eight required courses are Computer-Based Systems; C# Programming; Java Programming; Advanced C# or Advanced Java Programming; Effective Business Communications; Basic Marketing; Introduction to Statistics; and Business Law I.  Three additional courses, one of which must be an additional advanced programming course, are chosen from Visual BASIC Programming, Advanced Visual BASIC Programming, UNIX/Linux Operating System, Advanced C# Programming, Programming for the Internet, and Advanced Java Programming.

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