Kevin Hermberg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy 
P: (845) 848-4010


About the Program 

The Humanities program explores human intellectual, cultural, social, and moral expressions throughout history.  Students are offered an interdisciplinary program, spanning the areas of the arts, literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, and foreign language and culture. 

The Humanities Major is for students who wish to further their liberal arts education and pursue a broad-based study in Humanities. The Humanities program grows out of some of the overarching traditional goals of a liberal education. The heart of the program is a Humanities Core, which is required of all Humanities students and draws on courses from several different disciplines.  The Humanities Core is designed to strengthen (1) students' knowledge of Western cultural history, (2) students’ awareness of ethical judgments and social values, (3) students’ appreciation of cultural differences, and (4) students’ taste in aesthetic experiences.

Core Requirements 

Every student in this major* must meet the requirements of the Humanities Core, which extends beyond the GEC (General Education Curriculum).  These required Humanities Core courses include 24 credits: 

  • 9 semester hours in the Humanities Sequence courses (HU252, 362, 472)
  • 3 semester hours in Cultural History (not from the Humanities Specialization) 
  • 3 semester hours in Foreign cultures or language 
  • 3 semester hours in Literature
  • 3 semester hours in Fine Arts
  • 3 semester hours in Ethics or Social Values (from the RS or PH courses)


In addition to the Core, students also must complete 18 credits in one of six Areas of Specialization:

Hispanic Language and Culture
Religious Studies 

*In addition to the B.A. in Humanities, described here, students have the option to pursue a Humanities concentration with a B.S. in Education or a B.A. in Humanities with Preparation in Childhood Education.

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