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The Spirit of the Founders Award

The Dominican Tradition dates back to the 1200s and Saint Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order. Men and women of great character, spirit and action who believed as Saint Dominic did, in the active pursuit of truth, in the power of reflection, and compassionate involvement, used their spirit and special gifts to carry on the Dominican tradition.

Each year we take time to commemorate out founders through a series of events that take place during Founders Week. We also select one of our founders to honor. A nominating committee submits the names of students who exemplify the spirit and charecteriristics of this founder for the “Spirit of the Founders Award.” Dominican College administrators, faculty, staff, and students then vote for the candidates of their choice.

Why is this award so important? The “Spirit of the Founders Award” is highly regarded at Dominican College. This award represents a respect for the values and traditions that have endured for centuries and holds the promise that the Dominican tradition will be carried on. The “Spirit of the Founders Award” also represents for its recipients a strong belief in their potential as leaders, as they leave Dominican College to make their mark in the world.

How can you aspire to win this award? We at Dominican College challenge you to reflect upon, then nurture you own special spirit and your own special gifts. Learn about our founders. Ask yourself:

  • Who among them inspires you? Who is most like yourself?
  • How does this relate to your education and to your future?
  • Look to our founders and to the people who inspire you for guidance in your pursuit of truth.
  • Learn about the values that have endured over the centuries and how they relate to your future.
  • Will you ready to answer the 21st century challenges call you to action?
  • Will you be the next recipient of the Founders Award?

For more information, please contact Campus Ministry.