With expert faculty and specialized academic tracks geared towards particular professions, Dominican College will give you the benefits of a broad-based liberal arts education, while also preparing you to bring your skills to life in the most fascinating and challenging careers. 

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Our highest achieving students have the opportunity to intensify and enrich their undergraduate education by joining the Honors Program. Students who have enjoyed previous academic success and possess a heightened aptitude for learning will be invited to join the program as incoming freshman. >> Learn more 


The College’s collection of literary and artistic materials, such as books, periodicals, newspapers, prints, records, and tapes, is kept in the Sullivan Library. Newly refurbished, the Sullivan Library is capable of supporting the most sophisticated research, while also providing comfortable lounges for study and contemplation. >> Learn More 

The Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) provides Dominican College students with quality curriculum support through individual and group tutoring. >> Learn More