Director: Roger F. Tesi, Ed.D
Phone: (845)848-4082
Email: roger.tesi@dc.edu  

The goal of the Teacher Education programs are to produce teachers who are:

  • flexible and caring
  • personally responsible
  • multi-cultural in their perspective
  • able to develop caring and supportive relationships with their students
  • independent and reflective learners who demonstrate continuous professional growth 
  • able to address the unique developmental and educational needs of each learner to assure success
  • aware of their increasing responsibilities in the classroom and in the community

Program graduates are prepared to create a productive learning environment; to plan and execute instructional activities; to monitor and assess student learning; to address the special developmental and educational needs of students in lower and upper grades; to work effectively with all students, regardless of gender; to work with students from minority cultures and from homes where English is not spoken; to work with students with various disabilities and with those who are gifted and talented.


Dominican College offers programs leading to eligibility for New York State Certification in the following areas:

Students desiring to prepare for careers in Childhood Education or Childhood Education/Students with Disabilities may pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Education degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded to candidates who successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester hours in an approved program of study. A minimum of 90 semester hours in liberal arts, including a major, is required for the B.A. degree. Majors may be selected from one of the following areas: English (30 cr. beyond EN 113 or EN 115) History (30) Humanities (33–36) Mathematics (31 beyond MA 112) Social Sciences (36)

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree is awarded upon the completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours in an approved program of study. A minimum of 75 semester hours in liberal arts is required, including a designated liberal arts concentration, which may be selected from the following areas:American Studies (30 cr.) Humanities (30) Mathematics (31 beyond MA 112) Natural Sciences (32)


For information about the Masters of Science in Education programs for Teachers of Students with Disabilities and for Teachers of Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, see section on Graduate Programs.

Undergraduate students at the College who are interested in pursuing post-baccalaureate studies in one of these programs should consult their Faculty Advisors about the College’s S.Y.R.O.P. (“Senior Year Overlap”) option, by which qualified seniors can finish their requirements for the baccalaureate degree while simultaneously beginning their progress toward the Master’s degree. For further information and timely advisement regarding this Option, the student should express his/her interest at the time of admission to the undergraduate program.

Dominican College’s programs in Teacher Education are nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (T.E.A.C.). TEAC, One Dupont Circle, Suite 320, Washington, DC 20036-1110. 

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