Christopher Libertini, Ph.D., 
Assistant Professor of History, Coordinator of History
P: (845) 848-4069 
F: (845) 359-8025 
E: christopher.libertini@dc.edu  

About the Program 

“The past which a historian studies is not a dead past, but a past which in some sense is still living in the present.”  So noted famed British historian R.G. Collingwood.  Far from being a boring subject, History is one of the most exciting as well as useful majors that you can study in college.  The field of knowledge is constantly growing with the discovery of new facts and with the development of a more profound understanding of past events.  What is more, there is perhaps no subject that better teaches the lessons of the classical idea of the studia humanitatis, or the study of what it means to be human, which remains one of history’s greatest mysteries.  As a student of history you will: 

  • deepen your knowledge 
  • expand your horizons 
  • discover invaluable lessons for future decision-making 
  • build marketable skills such as critical thinking, research, analysis, effective writing, and persuasive argumentation. 

The Major in History 

As a History major you will experience a breadth of fascinating subjects covering American, European, and non-Western areas of study.  Additionally, the Bachelor of Arts degree in History offers you the following options:  

  • History Major (involving 36 semester hours in History)
  • History Major with an Emphasis in Childhood Education (involving 30 semester hours in History)
  • Social Science Major with a Concentration in History and Adolescent Education (involving 24 semester hours in History)
  • Social Science Major with a Concentration in History and Childhood Education (involving 15 semester hours in History)

Whichever program you choose, you will likely discover that history is alive and ever relevant in a changing world.  As historian Edward Hallett Carr observed, history is “a dialogue between past and present.”  The History faculty at Dominican College invites you to join the conversation as a History major or minor.  It will be a conversation that can enrich you for a lifetime. 

Career Opportunities

While many other majors in college may limit your career options after graduation, History majors enjoy a great versatility in pursuing employment opportunities. The knowledge and skills you will learn as a History major will prepare you for careers in:

  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Business
  • Government
  • Foreign Service
  • Publishing
  • Military Intelligence
  • Homeland Security
  • Writing
  • Journalism
  • Library Science 
  • Archival Research
  • and much more!

For More Information: 

  • Contact the Admissions Office 
  • Contact the Coordinator of History, Dr. Chris Libertini.
  • Arrange an appointment with one of the Social Sciences faculty. Please contact the department secretary at (845) 848-4068 to make an appointment.