Career Development Testimonials

Career Development is a service that needs to be utilized while at Dominican College. Without it I would not have had the opportunities I had today. It allows you take your career into your own hands creating a balance of hands on help and independent searching so that you can do what is necessary for the future. Evelyn is always available and knowing I can just stop by to talk about my endeavors even after graduation is wonderful.
Jules ‘2015
Throughout my four years here at Dominican College the Career Development Center has helped me land two jobs. The staff  members are very helpful and are willing to take the extra time to make a difference in your resume or cover letter. The different events that the Career Development Center holds help make the difference; whether it is interviewing skills or the do’ s and don’ts in the workplace. The Career Development Center believes in  “more than an education a relationship” and it shows in the work they do.  Thanks for all of the help!
Jamal ‘14
I cannot begin to list all of the ways in which the Career Development Center allowed me to grow as an individual and a professional. Evelyn and Andrea go above and beyond to provide Dominican College students with the insight and resources they need to compete and be successful in the work force. Mock interviews, resume workshops and career fairs allowed me to discover my skills and put them to the test. As a result, I landed a summer internship at one of the top urban radio stations in New York City. I also secured a competitive position as an AmeriCorps volunteer for City Year. The support given by the staff is truly genuine and incomparable. If there is one place you should visit regularly while on campus, it is the Career Development Center… where opportunities are endless!
Elsa '13
The Career Development Center at Dominican College was a great resource for me! From the first day I stepped foot into the office, the staff has gone above and beyond in supporting me with my career search. The guidance I received, from the critiquing of my resume and cover letter to helping me get part-time jobs while I was still at DC. It was a great resource that has helped me tremendously. Even as an alumni they still reach out to us with employment opportunities!
Heather '12
I don’t even know where to begin. Meeting with Evelyn has been such a wonderful, inspiring, influential experience. With the help of her I am able to show people my resume and be very proud about it. Without her assistance I can honestly say that my resume would look really bad. If you get a chance, need help, need guidance go make an appointment to meet with Evelyn!
Courtney '14
I am a senior about to enter what I know is a very tough job market. Luckily for me, Evelyn Fiskaa and the rest of the Career Development Center department have put together so many useful programs to prepare me for what’s ahead. This semester I have participated in workshops relating to networking; resume building and interviewing, just to name a few. I am confident that what I have gained from these programs will give me an advantage in my transition into the professional world. I highly recommend that students take advantage of what the Career Development Center has to offer. I certainly will continue to do so. Thank you!
Melissa '11
The Career Development Center helped me with my applications to law school. Without their kind words, enthusiasm, and dedication, I would have been completely lost.
Bianca '11
Evelyn Fiskaa has been extraordinarily supportive and helpful in assisting me with my job search. When assisting students, with their employment search, Ms. Fiskaa, keeps the students’ needs and qualifications in mind, in order to attain an appropriate fit for both the employer and student. In my opinion, Ms. Fiskaa is a wonderful asset to Dominican College.
Catherine '10
My last year at Dominican College, I went to many events hosted by the director of the Career Development Center, Evelyn Fiskaa, and her smile makes you feel welcomed. Evelyn did a speed mock interview for the seniors and it was so helpful. It taught me to always network and maintain relationships throughout business. She also helped create a resume, which has landed me several job opportunities. Additionally, her knowledge of maintaining and creating a professional role in society has helped many students start our professional pathway. I always went to the Career Services office with any questions; the atmosphere is welcoming and both Evelyn and Andrea have an extensive amount of information to prepare college students for entering the real world, full of professionals.
Michelle '11
The Career Development Center was nothing but a positive experience. Its prepared me for the multiple interviews I had to go through, and through their help I was able to get an M&A internship, as well as a series of offers from many investment banks. The result: acceptance of an offer before graduation.
Alex '11