Faculty and Staff Testimonials

Meet some of our faculty and staff and find out how they make sure our campus is warm, welcoming and supportive.


Lisa Decker, Ph.D.

Assistant Academic Dean

“Our graduate programs offer our students flexible scheduling like evening and weekend classes and accelerated programs. We understand what it means to make that decision to go back to school while balancing work and family.”

Madeline Mignone, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology and Coordinator of Science

“We have students in pharmaceutical internships, we have students in research internships, so the experience they get is tremendous.”

Christine Dilts, M.S.

Director of Community Engagement and Leadership Development

“We don’t want to put students out that have the same values as they did coming in. We haven’t really done our job if we haven’t challenged their values or beliefs or traditions and that’s the great thing about college, is that you have the opportunity, in a safe space to be challenged and really develop your own sense of self which is gonna be unique.”

Ryan O’Gorman, B.S.

Director of Residence Life

“We try to match students up with similar preferences. We will match people based off of whether or not they like to be up late at night or if they’re morning people.”

Anthony Longobardo

Service Director of Lackman Culinary Services

“We have fresh food we have excellent chefs, Maureen and Jim, two people who come from private restaurants, so we’re not your regular cafeteria. We’re preparing foods that you would get in your neighborhood restaurants.”