CASE On-Line Schedule 2014-15

CSE Program 2014- 2015
Course # Course Name Instructor
Session I August 26- October 16, 2014
AR 224 C L1 Classical Art and Human Dignity Ruth Neabore
EN 442 V G L1 Women Come of Age Kate Hickey
MA 112 L2 Intro to College Math- Part 1 Debbie Moniz
MG 211 L1 Intro to Management Clare Pennino
SO 111 L1 Intro to Sociology Tara Parrello
Session II October 21- December 11, 2014
CJ 113 L2 Intro to Criminal Justice Colby Valentine
CS 400 L2 Crisis Communication AnnMarie DiSiena
EN 113 L2 Intro to Literature Rob Stauffer
MA 112 L2 Intro to College Math – Part 2 Debbie Moniz
PH 224 M L2 Intro to Phil: God and
Medieval Mind
Nathan Metzger
PS 229 V L2 Psy of Gender Fabiana ResRosiers
Session III January 13-March 5, 2015
AC 111 L2 Financial Accounting Part 1 James Mickler
CJ 226 L1 Police Citizen, and Community Tara Parrello
CS 222 L1 Interpersonal Communication Andrew Burns
MA 113 L2 College Algebra – Part 1 Lydia Maynard
MA 225 L1 Introduction to Statistics Lydia Maynard
MG 345 L1 Marketing Management Szerko
Session IV March 10- April 30, 2015
AC 111 L2 Financial Accounting-Part II James Mickler
MA 113 L2 College Algebra – Part 2 Lydia Maynard
MG 364 L2 Business Ethics and Film and Literature Clare Pennino
PS 102 S L2 General Psychology II Sarah Strout
RS 224 M  Religious and Human Experience
SO 224 V L2  Sociology of the Family  CzanderTBA
Session V May 5- June 25, 2015
AC 112 L2 Management Accounting- Part James Mickler
CS 112 L1 Business Communication AnnMarie DiSiena
EC 212 L1 Microeconomics John Spillner
SS 221 L1 Quantitative Methods Sarah Strout
Session VI June 30- August 30, 2015
AC 112 L2 Management Accounting- Part II James Mickler
CS 111 L2 Oral Communication Andrew Burns
EC 212 L2 Macroeconomics John Spillner
MA 116 L2 Finite Math-Part 2 Maynard
MG 311 L2 Business in Film John Spillner
PS 226 S L2 Abnormal Psychology  Michael Ainette
SO334 V L2 Deviance : Changing Soc Per on Race
Class and Gender
Tara Parrello