About the Profession

Occupational Therapy* is the art and science of the analysis and application of meaningful activities to restore, reinforce, and enhance performance; to facilitate learning of those skills and functions essential for adaptation, productivity, and engagement; to diminish or correct pathology; and to promote and maintain health.

Occupational Therapy is skilled treatment wherein the fundamental concern is directed toward developing and maintaining the skills necessary for individuals to participate in activities for independent and satisfying lives. Occupational Therapy involves the selection of occupations and activities for specific clients to meet therapeutic goals. Occupational Therapy provides services to enhance performance for individuals without disabilities and to those whose abilities to cope with the tasks of living are threatened or impaired by developmental deficits, the aging process, poverty and cultural differences, mental illness, and/or learning disabilities.

* “Occupation” in this context refers to everyday life activities that have meaning and value to the individual.