Management ConcentrationManagement Concentration

The education of business professionals involves much more than an understanding of the various disciplines of business organizations. As a Management Concentration student at Dominican College you will master the various skills, competencies and perspectives required for sound decision making, efficient management and effective leadership. These include:

  • Critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Skills in leadership and interpersonal dynamics.
  • Critical understanding of the global context of business.
  • Ability to integrate and inter-relate different business disciplines so they effectively function as a whole.
  • A strong sense of ethical and social responsibility.
  • Management of change and innovation.

Whenever possible you will experience real-world learning opportunities, through a curriculum that is relevant, integrated, flexible and dynamic.

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Management Concentration Framework

Basic Core (24 credits)
MB510 Critical Analysis for Managers
MB501 Financial Accounting
MB502 Fundamentals of Management
MB503 Economics for Managers
MB505 Marketing Management
MB506 Management Information Systems
MB507 Organizational Behavior (prereq. MB 502)
MB508 The Global Manager

Advanced Core (12 credits)
MB600 Managerial Finance (prereq. MB 501)
MB601 Managerial Statistics & Six Sigma
MB602 Decision Making & the Ethical Manager
MB603 Strategic Management (prereq. MB 502)

Electives (12 credits)
MB604 Operations Management
MB605 H.R. Administration
MB607 Dynamics of Effective Leadership
MB610 Project & Portfolio Management
MB611 Managers and the Law
MB612 Managing Innovation & Change
MB613 Organizational Communications

Capstone (9 credits)
MB700 Business Policy
MB702 Business Plan Formulation (6)

Job Opportunities

An MBA with a Management Concentration provides excellent career preparation.  Managers are needed in every type of business. Career opportunities are also available in specific areas of management, such as human resources management, marketing management, operations management, and supply chain management. An MBA with a Management Concentration can also lead to a successful career as a consultant.

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