Freshman Year Program

Our freshman year program will help you make a successful transition from high school. It offers the following activities:

Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation centers on your introduction to Dominican College. Although the central point of the day will be academic advisement and registration for the fall semester, you will have the opportunity to meet and work with our Freshmen Directorate faculty to design an academic program that suits your interests and needs. Since each particular major or field will have specific course requirements in order to receive a degree from the College, it is especially important to utilize the expertise of our advisors to plan these first steps into academic life. Although academics is the focus of the orientation program, we do recognize the importance of other dimensions. Throughout your orientation day, you will be meeting new people and forming new connections with potential friends. Student “Peer Advisors” will also be present at orientation to honestly answer any of your questions from the social scene to what classes are really like.

Freshman Directorate Advisors

The Freshmen Directorate is an advising team that plays an important role in the life of our freshmen. The Directorate is a group of faculty members who are trained to guide students throughout the sometimes complex advisement and registration process. We believe that the year-long individual advisement with the same advisor helps students to develop the independence they need to be successful.

Freshman Seminar

New Freshmen are enrolled in Freshmen Seminar, a one-credit course designed to help students learn how to take charge of their education by learning strategies for time management, organization skills, note taking and about the many resources within the college. Our goal is to provide our students with the tools necessary to be successful in their college careers. The seminar also requires students to begin the career exploration process so they can prepare for their careers and lives ahead.

Peer Advisors

An important part of Dominican’s Freshmen Year Experience is the group of students known as the Peer Advisors. These students are specially trained to work with freshmen. Each Peer Advisor is assigned to a small group of freshmen that she/he meets with regularly. The Peer Advisors work with each student to help expose him/her to the College’s academic and student support services. They also serve as a great source of information regarding registration and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Special Family Programs

Sometimes it’s hard for a family to know how to help their new college student. Although student records are confidential, the Freshmen Director welcomes family questions about policies, procedures and programs at any time. At our Orientation sessions, the college provides several opportunities for families to gain a better understanding of what is ahead for the son or daughter Parents are invited to attend a Parent Workshop and are provided with a specially written handbook to assist them in dealing with some of the issues that may arise with their student. The college also invites families to a Parent to Parent Forum where the parents of our upper-class students are available to discuss transition issues.

The Fall is an opportunity for families of our newest students to participate in Dominican’s Homecoming/Family Day Celebration. This day gives families a chance to see their new college student settled into college life. That same day families can enjoy participating in family centered activities such as a scavenger hunt, pumpkin painting and an old fashioned barbecue set on our handsome new campus. Families can also attend some of the Dominican sporting events as well as meet informally with Freshmen Directorate, Faculty members and Student Development staff.