Meet your chaplain: Father RONALD STANLEY, O.P.

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Fr. Ron was born and raised in New York City. Before his ordination as a priest in 1967, he earned an M.A. in Philosophy and a license in Sacred Theology. In 1970, he received an M.S. in Social Work from Columbia University. For twenty years Fr. Ron lived and worked in the South Bronx. He started as a caseworker and eventually became the Director of the Bronx Office of the NY Foundling Hospital, serving abused children and their families. At the same time, Fr. Ron, who is Spanish speaking, worked with youth groups and leadership training programs, and traveled through much of Latin America, including yearly trips to the Dominican Republic.Before starting campus ministry at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, in 1989, Fr. Ron spent a month touring Europe. Since then, he has gone on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, enjoyed a nine week sabbatical in Asia visiting the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Hong, Beijing, and Japan, and spent five weeks in India.

While at Rutgers, Fr. Ron worked with the Korean Catholic Circle, Filipinos in Christ, Youth For Christ, and Latinos En Dios. He coordinated ethnic Masses and socials in Filipino, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Irish, Vietnamese, Polish, and Chinese.

During January and May college breaks, Fr. Ron brings groups of college students to do community service in the remote mountains of the Dominican Republics. For two weeks they live and work with beautiful, but poor, farming families.

Fr. Ron is often asked to do cult awareness training and counseling both on and off college campuses.

Fr. Ron worked at Ramapo College from 2001 to 2007. Dominican College became the new site of Fr. Ron's campus ministry in 2007.

Of special interest to Fr. Ron are issues of social justice and the environment. He enjoys biking, hiking, swimming, racquetball, and tennis.