Accounting Concentration

The accounting concentration is designed for the accounting professional looking to obtain a CPA licensure, or an MBA in Accounting or BOTH. The accounting professional can obtain an MBA in Accounting in as few as 36 credits which include the 30 credits required for a CPA licensure.

The accounting credits can be completed in as little as 18 months, and the MBA in Accounting can be completed in as little as 24 months. We believe the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a CPA licensure as well as to effectively manage and lead an organization are both needed in the future for a successful career in the accounting profession.

Consistent with the Master in Business Administration program, the Accounting Concentration is a 57 credit program with courses being offered on an accelerated basis and with the potential waiver of a maximum of 21 credits.

Accounting Concentration Framework

The courses comprising the required 36 credits which cannot be waived within the 57 credit MBA program are as follows:

Basic Core (9 credits)
MB510 Critical Analysis for Managers
MB507 Organizational Behavior
MB508 The Global Manager
Advanced Core (6 credits)
MB602 Decision Making & the Ethical Manager
MB603 Strategic Management

Electives (12 credits)
AM550 Computer Auditing
AM534 Advanced Federal Taxation
AM545 Accounting Information Systems
AM520 Quantitative Methods

Capstone Courses (9 credits)
MB700 Business Policy & Decision-Making
AM703 Contemporary Accounting Issues
AM704 Accounting Research & Professional Ethics

In Summary
36 Credits - Basic Core, Advanced Core, Program Electives, and Capstone Courses
21 Credits – Potential Waivers from Undergraduate Degree