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A Message from the Director

Exciting results emerge when you mix elements together in new and unexpected ways. This is what is happening at Dominican College.  This past fall, the College welcomed its largest freshman class, a richly diverse student body.  Students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences are coming here to learn in environments that cross disciplines and mix traditional and non-traditional aged students residing on and off campus to prepare the leaders of today and tomorrow in communities throughout the tri-state area.  In Fall 2007, the College dedicated Guzman Hall, a 64,000 square foot, 4-story, 204 bed residential facility, containing 54 two-bedroom units and 23 four-bedroom suites; and Sullivan Library features fully connected computer labs with 16 terminals and a wireless network providing service throughout the library for student use with their own laptops.

On an academic level, The College is proud to introduce two new programs: a new undergraduate major in Criminal Justice, designed to provide students with an understanding of the criminal justice system, the nature of crime and the interactive roles of the individual and society in the commission, restraint and prevention of crime; and the new graduate program in Teacher Education, the MS in Education (Childhood Education) was approved by the New York State Department of Education, created for students who already hold a bachelor's degree, but not in Education, and who wish to pursue certification with New York State in Childhood Education.

Under Sr. Mary Eileen O'Brien's leadership, there is no doubt the College will continue to adapt, thrive with the times, and be a leader in higher education.  The alumni of any institution are the integral core enabling it to accomplish its stated mission.  Alumni Associations exist for a myriad of reasons, but none more important than being the bookends to the past and future of the College.  I am charged with ensuring that you and the College community are always up-to-date about the excitement of the present - the cutting edge happenings of a vibrant academic institution.

As alumni programs and events are planned, we will look to each of you for your participation and support.  Please feel free to call the Alumni Office at 845.848.7407 or via email at  alumni@dc.edu with comments, suggestions or questions.

I am looking forward to a very successful year!

Samira A. Allen
Director of Alumni Relations